That Time I Went on a Cruise in the Middle of December


Remember when I said I was going to write every day during Advent?

Well, I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I’m going on a cruise with two of my best friends for a week, starting tomorrow. And cruises? Well, they have very high prices for very sketchy internet, because, um, they’re boats, out in the middle of the ocean. So I’m not all that confident that, even if I did write, I would be able to throw it out there to the world. All that to say, you probably won’t hear much from me next week, unless it’s the occasional Facebook post from my phone in port.

But, I’m pretty excited about the cruise! This is a “yay for God, yay for us” cruise to celebrate the Authentic Girlfriends book that Mary Snyder wrote and to which Karen Barrows and I contributed chapters, and a devotional, respectively. It was pretty amazing how God worked out the details for the three of us to collaborate, and because we live in three different states, it’s also a miracle that we can all be in the same place at the same time, especially in the middle of December!

I know I’ve written about finding those moments to just stop and be still, but it’s also really great, if you can swing it, to take a real break. To step away from your everyday life and reflect, renew, restore, and REVIVE. If you can do it in the company of those you love, even better.

In the midst of all lists and countdowns of everything that needs to be done, think of the actual Christmas gathering as that kind of break. If you think about it, it can provide the opportunity to reflect on Christmases past, those who’ve gone before and the happy memories you’ve shared. You can renew familial bonds with those you don’t see every day, restore relationships that may be strained or even broken, and revive and strengthen the ties that bind.

If you aren’t going to be with family this year, you will still be in the company of One who loves you even more than family. Take a break with Him and let Him breathe fresh wind into your heart. I promise it will be just what you need to chart your course in the right direction.

Like a ship on the high seas headed for home.

See you in a week!


Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit. Psalm 51:12 ESV

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