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Join Melinda and her friend, Mary, for a slightly unhinged and
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Welcome! It’s a wacky world, isn’t it? This is the space I use to try to verbally work my way through it, but join me, won’t you? Bumpy roads are always better traversed with friends.

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I love animals. There's something about their complete dependence on and devotion to us that just does me in. I mean, I can't even watch one of those Sarah McLachlan commercials. I have to turn the channel, as that level of horror against something so innocent and...

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Merry Christmas 2018

Along with millions around the world, I suspect, I watched as the flag-draped casket of former President George H.W. Bush was ceremoniously, and reverently, carried into the National Cathedral. As each of the eulogists spoke, I listened, eyes glistening, as they...

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