UPDATE: I’m working on a post in answer to my survey below, but would love to hear from more of you – especially those who are heavily involved in WM leadership. If you’re concerned with sounding negative against your church, you’re welcome to comment as “anonymous”. Thanks in advance for your insight!

I had two interesting conversations today, both on the same topic: Women’s Ministry. Or, to be more specific, the lack thereof.

In these completely separate conversations, it was mentioned that the women’s ministries in each church represented had been cut back drastically. Where there had once been several ways/events through which women could get connected, there were now frightfully few.

The Lord spoke something to my heart during the last conversation which has my curiosity piqued, hence my survey. Have you noticed changes in your women’s ministry? Whether due to the economy or other factors, are there far less or a shift in types of opportunities for your women to grow and connect with other women? Are you having to look outside your church for these types of opportunities?

Please leave me a comment and let me know. After you’ve had a good chance to respond, I’ll be back with what God’s whispering.