1174913_10152783264114741_648573561817862977_nThese lovely ladies are my great aunts, and the big sisters of one very spoiled little boy, my mom’s father…my “Pop.” He was actually one of a set of twins, but his brother died in infancy, so he was particularly doted on.

I’ve always loved this photo. It looks like a magazine spread to me, but whether they would be advertising clothing, or outdoor furnishings, or cocktails on the lawn, is anyone’s guess. Regardless, the composition of the photo just makes me want to crawl on in and wiggle myself into that glider for a nice chat over what appears to be a shaken (not stirred) martini.

But what I really want to see are some of the outtakes from this photo session. Because the one main thing that is missing from this picture, at least according to family lore and the many, MANY eyewitness accounts, is laughter. They are looking so pensive and reflective here, and the truth of the matter is that they were all hysterical. They did funny, crazy things, like throw a big wedding shower in the community room of the town bank when their favorite soap opera character was getting married, and walk – WALK – to the gas station to get some gas because, hey, it was on sale. Just last night, I heard that they were known for walking down the street, as a group in single file, and you’d know they were coming, not because you saw them, but because you could hear them laughing.

Last night, I sat with my parents, and one of my mom’s sisters, and we were talking about the brilliance in a family we know. Kids graduating with high honors from exclusive colleges, and great, academic minds that fill their family tree. My mother’s family also has its share of brilliant minds and is very heavy in creative talent. But you know what the Hunters are really known for?

Their laughter, and just the right amount of zany, craziness.

Whether or not we ever have someone, on down the road, discussing our distinguished accomplishments, or those of our descendants, I’d, personally, rather them talk about the crazy. The fact that we had fun and laughed hysterically in one another’s presence. Yes, I’d rather us be known for bringing a little comic relief to a world that seems a little too heavy at times.

And, to “The Aunts,” (as we all know them), I have this to say: While I can’t crawl into your cocktail scene there on the lawn, I want you to know that you’d still have a good time with your family. Because you laughed through the good and the bad, we do, too. And the Hunters, while we may not walk in a single file line down the street, we’re still known for our laughter.


A cheerful disposition is good for your health;
    gloom and doom leave you bone-tired.” Proverbs 17:22 MSG

“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting.” Job 8:21 ESV