I’m sitting in Kevin’s new office, just down the hall from his former corner office suite that waits for its new occupant. It contains some of the furniture that he used for the last four years, along with a different desk, since Kevin’s is personally owned.

Since his retirement from that position, we’ve wondered about the new Managing Partner. What would they be like? Would they be a good fit for the office? Would they lead with integrity, and with the agents’ best interest at heart? And, finally, would the fact that Kevin is still a part of the office be a point of contention and posturing, or be embraced as a plus? We didn’t know, nor did we have any control over it. We prayed and we waited.

Then he got a call.

A new MP had accepted the position, and as I watched Kevin’s face on the other end of that call, a smile spread across it.



And I heard him tell the caller, “If it had been up to me, that’s who I would’ve chosen.”

So, today, this new man and his wife (native Texans returning from their tenure in Cedar Rapids, Iowa – another fact that delights these former Iowans, come home) are being introduced to the agency, and when I met them this morning, his wife hugged me, and, pulling me aside, said this:

You know, this whole passing of the torch thing…it’s got God all up in it. We were given the opportunity to come home, to be with our son and his family, and now we’re coming into a situation that has been led by like-minded people, who can help with the transition and still be part of our team. We prayed about it this morning, so thankful for such a gift.

Never be tempted to think that God doesn’t care about the things that YOU care about. It’s with a happy heart that I wholeheartedly concur…

God’s all up in it…no matter what “it” is.


“The Lord directs the steps of the godly.
    He delights in every detail of their lives.” Psalm 37:23 NLT