The hubs and I just returned from a sublime stint in the Hawaiian isles…Maui, to be exact! While we flew 4,625 miles to see palm trees and bougainvillea (both of which are in abundance in our own back yard!), we did get the added bonus of Caribbean-blue water, spectacular mountain vistas and fresh seafood, the likes of which do not swim in the Gulf of Mexico! In fact, what was on the menu at night was what was in the fishermen’s nets that morning!
It was a wonderful, peaceful time and one that I wanted to share in pictures with the tens of people that check out this blog (*grin*).  Let me start with the beautiful beginning of the day:

A Maui sunrise

My quiet time on the rocks, looking back at the hotel

Me and my honey getting ready to “zip

Such an adventurer!

Hubs on the zip line (yep, he’s the speck there in the middle!)

Sunset on the Pacific

We’ve adopted this as our 25th anniversary year, so the celebrations in Hawaii included these beautiful leis!

Breakfast with one of the locals.  This little guy decided to eat my left overs while I watched…I think he’s used to people (does the pose give that away?), but that didn’t diminish my enjoyment of his visit!  

View from our room
I also brought back a short video of the water on the rocks…just a little sound of my morning, although there is a little wind included at no extra cost!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tour…I’ve enjoyed reliving it!