Well, I posted that we were preparing for rain, just like Noah, and today, THE RAINS CAME! Baby Girl was assigned housing on campus, in the room-type of her first choice! The fun part is that we got the phone message after we lugged in the last of the supplies that we bought FOR that room! Like I said, we were preparing for the rain!

Some probably think that we were really taking a chance and cutting it too close. But, I find it really interesting that she didn’t get her acceptance letter until the day before graduation, and she didn’t get her housing assignment until the week before move-in. I don’t think this was coincidence. God’s timing never is. I think that what He wanted was to show some very control-oriented people that if they would hand all this over to Him, BELIEVING that He WOULD do it and not just that He could, He would do something spectacular. The longer He stretched it out, the more we had to stretch our faith and put our trust in Him instead of our own abilities. What a fantastic lesson, not just for a young college student, but for her control-freak mother!

Yep, it’s raining over here…showers of blessings!