Late, late post this morning, because I actually slept late (which never happens) and have just been savoring the quiet.

We had a wonderful time last night. The party went off without a hitch, and the whole evening was warm and festive. It was a nice-sized crowd; not so many that you couldn’t move comfortably around, but not so small that it felt like no one came. In the immortal words of Goldilocks, it was just right.

This was everyone’s first trip to this house, so for a while, I gave the nickle tour, always ending up in my favorite room in the house: the kid’s room. After that, people started filling their plates, and I sat for a while with some folks out in the living room, by the fireplace, and talked at length to a gal with whom I’ve never really visited. It was lovely. Then I moved into the kitchen, and talked to some folks sitting at the breakfast bar, looking beyond to table.

Gathered there, were people whose paths crossed through business, but there was no talk about numbers, or policies, or big cases. Instead there was chatter about Duck Dynasty and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, the antics of the various children represented by the group, and Kevin’s high school ‘fro, which was quickly followed by a trip to the picture hanging on the wall as proof. There was a lot of laughter and joking, warm smiles all around.

What is it about bringing people together in your home? The compartmentalization of our lives is left behind, I think, and when they come together outside of whatever context they know one another, the walls of that context fall away, leaving just a bunch of human beings getting to know one another in their real, every day lives.

It’s a privilege to facilitate that kind of interaction and build connections between people that, otherwise, may not happen. What a blessing to love where I live, and be able to share it like this, for a greater good.

This morning, with the memory of the faces around my table, my kitchen sink is overflowing from last night’s mess. But my heart is also overflowing with last night’s blessings.


Cheerfully share your home…” 1 Peter 4:9 NLT