On Sunday, I attended the memorial service for Dona, my dear friend from high school. It was a precious time of celebration and reconnecting with old friends, some of which I hadn’t seen since we walked across the graduation stage in 1981. There was an open mic for sharing old memories during the service, lots of laughter amidst the tears, and even more hugging. Dona would’ve loved it.

The story was told of when she was six years old, and sitting on her daddy’s knee. After hearing the gospel presented in simplistic terms, she accepted Jesus into her heart. Then, her daddy asked her how she was sure she was going to heaven one day. Her answer has been resonating with me since the service, playing itself over and over in my heart:

“”Cause Jesus wants me, Daddy. He wants me.”

He wants me. Me, of unkind thoughts and questionable actions. Me, of bad decisions and careless words. Me, of little worth in the grand scheme of things.

He wants me. Enough to leave indescribable splendor and be wrapped in flesh. Enough to be surrounded by unkind thoughts and questionable actions, bad decisions and careless words.

He wants me. Enough to take all that ugly unto Himself, bear the brunt of the pain it brings and redeem it, making me of greatest worth in the grand scheme of things.

He wants me. Enough to save me a seat in the throne room of heaven.

Yes, sweet Dona. I’ll see you there.

Because He wants me.