Have you heard it? The new Amy Grant song? If not, give it a listen. Don’t worry, I’ll wait right here until you’re finished.

This song has been weaving its way through me as each beat of the melody matches time with my heart. It speaks volumes to me because I really understand it now, as opposed to if I’d heard earlier in my life. I’ve been that mother whose tears have watered the carpet “in the dead of night.” I can grasp the desperation of the soldier’s pleas and have expressed the hidden language where there are no words or coherency of thought.

There are those moments in life where a pain so deep becomes something almost exquisite, where a cry from the depths becomes the truest form of worship. In the pain of cracking open our wounds before the Father, our cries rise in a beautiful chorus to His ears and He sings back over us the songs of healing.

And it is so much better than a hallelujah.