It is my great joy to report that Lilli went to sleep WITH her blanket last night. Of course, she’d been up all day for our Christgiving celebration, and was really tired, but I’m choosing to believe she’d learned her lesson and was being exceptionally obedient.

Color me exceptionally positive.

Earlier, I was holding her and she was chatting with me, facing me, and chatting about every little thing that crossed her mind. Suddenly, she looked at my neck and said…

You’re not wearing a necklace, girlfriend!

I just dissolved into laughter. It was hilarious. It had been right in front of her, all day, and suddenly she was Captain Obvious.

I feel like we all do this. There are so many, MANY times when God has something sitting right in front of us, and because we are so caught up in our own conversation, we fail to notice it. It has to sit there, painfully obvious, for however long it takes us to leave our own party and come on over to His. The difference is, it doesn’t having any bearing for Lilli whether her Mimmie wears a necklace or not. When we miss the obvious God has for us, however, it can make a difference in whether we experience all He has for us in this life, and fulfill the purposes that have our names on them.

It’s worth it to keep our eyes open, and our ear trained for His voice. I’d hate for any of us to be caught with our capes over our eyes and left feeling like we missed out when they call us Captain Obvious!


“Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized Him, but He disappeared (ascended to heaven) from their sight.” Luke 24:31 HCSB (parenthesis mine)

Open my eyes, that I may behold
    wondrous things…” Psalm 119:18 ESV