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It has been so long since I’ve written in this place that I discovered the theme we’d originally built the site on was no longer working with the current WordPress platform, and I had to have my web designer update it to work. That’s why it looks slightly different, but – BONUS – you can easily read from a handheld device¬†now.


Memories of my Granny

Memories of my Granny

  I remember her sitting in her red chair, feet propped up on its ottoman, where she would beckon me to sit. She let me try on some of her nightgowns, and since she was often in some sort of lounge wear in her last years, we would sit together, matching, and she...


  This weekend, I cleaned out two jam-packed closets, all of my bathroom drawers and cabinets, and my pantry. From them, I took out four big trash bags of garbage, and four more bags and a box for charity. It’s so amazing to me how much stuff I let pile up....