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I love to let you know of tangible ways that you can make your voice heard and affect the cause for the unborn. I received the following note (and link on which to act) from Charmaine Yoest of AUL this week:

The U.S. House is beginning to debate HR 2410, the Foreign Relations Reauthorization Act, which would dramatically expand the ability of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to promote abortion in foreign countries and undermine pro-life laws around the world.

Section 334 establishes a new “Office for Global Women’s Issues” headed by an ambassador-at-large in the Office of the Secretary of State. This legislation directs that this office coordinate and support efforts regarding “women’s empowerment” around the world. On April 22, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before the Foreign Affairs Committee that this administration “will protect the rights of women, including their rights to reproductive health care” including access to abortion.

Congressman Chris Smith offered an amendment to prevent this new office from promoting abortion around the world, but that amendment is not being allowed to come up for a vote. Please contact your Representative today and ask that they vote against HR 2410.
Just follow this link to contact your Member of Congress.

Part of remaining strong as a formidable opponent in this war on abortion is staying informed and educated. I’m going to continue to try to do my part in getting info out to you, but I pray that you will also seek it out on your own. There are so many “behind-the-scenes” things that are happening that will have lasting effects for women, men and unborn babies all over the country…world. Never think for a moment that you can’t make a difference!


I have told all your people about your justice. I have not been afraid to speak out, as you, O Lord, well know. I have not kept the good news of your justice hidden in my heart; I have talked about your faithfulness and saving power. I have told everyone in the great assembly of your unfailing love and faithfulness.

Lord, don’t hold back your tender mercies from me.
Let your unfailing love and faithfulness always protect me.

Psalm 40:9-11 NLT

Father God, we come to You – many believers, one voice – to stand for life. Lord, we pray that for every person that the Obama administration appoints to stand against life, that You would raise up a person for it. Father, we pray that, even when You don’t appear, to our feeble eyes, to be moving, You would assure us to our depths that YOU ARE. We ask that You would continually prompt us to keep looking for ways to speak Your truth over this topic to the GREAT ASSEMBLY and that we would be certain, reliable and sure representatives of your unfailing love and faithfulness. Keep the troops rallied in the war on abortion, Father; keep us focused, the topic ever before us. Keep us on our knees, Lord, ever believing that You will change one heart for many. We pray in the MIGHTY, LIFE-GIVING NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. Amen

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