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How incredible that we are nearing our half-way mark for this year of praying together! I’m so encouraged by everyone’s commitment to keep at it, and I want to share with you something that I hope will encourage you, as well.

Last week, I read a post on my friend Cheryl’s blog. Cheryl is a fellow prayer team member and I’m taking the following text directly from her post:

I’m typing this from hotel room in Lousiville, Kentucky. We are here for the Southern Baptist Convention. This morning we went to a church that we knew nothing about. When we arrived at the church this morning, we found out that Dr. Frank Page was their guest speaker. Dr. Page is the former President of the SBC and is now on the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

During his sermon, Dr. Page mentioned this committee and the fact that he never dreamed he would have this kind of opportunity. He also made this statement, (it’s not an exact quote but it’s pretty close), “I know that I am the ‘right-wing fundamentalist’ on this committee but I will unashamedly stand and be voice for the Pro-Life movement and the unborn child.” To which the congregation gave resounding applause and lots of AMENS, myself included.

After the service, Steven and I got to meet Dr. Page and share with him that we live in Millen, he used to pastor in Augusta so he was very familiar with Millen. I then shared with him that I am part of a group of bloggers [that’s us!] whose purpose is to pray and ask God to change President Obama’s heart on abortion. Dr. Page was so encouraged and asked us to keep praying. He said that he has a very good relationship with President Obama but that it gets “pretty tense” when it comes to the issue of abortion.

I was so excited about this. It’s so easy to get discouraged when you’re praying and not seeing any change. But God really used this to encourage me and to renew my passion about praying for our President. So my challenge to you is, as we pray for our President, let’s lift up Dr. Page as well. God has placed him in a key position for a reason.

Isn’t that something? It goes to show that it’s SO important for us to not only remain diligent in our commitment to pray, but also to be praying for those persons of influence that have the President’s ear, and that of Mrs. Obama, as well. Pray for their courage to stand strong in their convictions and take advantage of their positions as they relate to the unborn. Thanks, Cheryl, for your passion and for spreading the word!


The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice.
Proverbs 12:15 ESV

Father God, we come to You today – many believers, one voice – to stand for life. Father, we thank You for Your work behind-the-scenes, placing believers in key positions to influence those in power. We praise You that we can trust You to be faithful even when we can’t always see it; if we are just faithful to pray, we can believe You to hold up Your end of the bargain to fulfill Your will and purpose. We lift up Dr. Page and all the many others that are working tirelessly for this cause; Lord fill them up with Your strength, courage and wisdom and bless them for their efforts. Father, we pray for President Obama, that he would hear the truth spoken at every turn and not only seek, but heed, the wise counsel that eventually leads to end of the death and bondage that is abortion. Believing You will change one heart for many, we pray in the MIGHTY, LIFE-GIVING NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, Amen.