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“A philosophical shift has taken place in the abortion rights movement. After confronting either a pro-life president or a pro-life majority in Congress for 26 of the last 28 years, abortion advocates have now secured sympathetic majorities in all three branches of government.

And change in government has brought change to a movement that’s moved beyond working to secure a woman’s right to choose abortion. Its new goal is much more audacious – to coerce others into violating their consciences and participating in the murder of innocent human life. It’s a shift from merely being “pro-choice” to being “pro-abortion.”

This fundamental shift is personified most vividly in President Barack Obama. And it is exemplified most strikingly in his ambition to enact policies that would force millions of pro-life Americans to pay for and perform abortions.”

The text above was taken from a March 5th opinion piece in the Washington Times, written by Gary Bauer and Daniel Allot (for the entire piece go here). I’m typically not a very demonstrative person, much preferring a more peaceful approach to protesting. However, after reading this piece, my ire is up.

The very fabric of our value system is being threatened, friends. Things with which we thought we’d never have to be concerned are suddenly being called into question: our tax dollars being used to murder; our pro-life doctors being forced to perform the heinous acts that go against the Hippocratic Oath they’ve sworn to uphold. Where is the “choice” in all this?

As I mentioned last week, there is good to be found in the fact that we’re talking about this issue. People are being disturbed into action, taking a stand and respectfully going about the business of making some noise. I say “respectfully” because I firmly believe that if our demonstrations, as Christians, are disrespectful in any way, we damage our message as representatives of Christ rather than furthering it. That said, I want to make you aware of a few ways you can respectfully make some noise of your own and take a stand:

  • Focus Petition: Focus on the Family’s petition against tax payer funding of abortions.
  • Be Heard Petition: A petition to protect pro-life doctors that will be hand-delivered to the White House by April 1st.
  • FOCA Petition: Petition against the Freedom of Choice Act. I’ve highlighted this before, but if you haven’t signed it, please do. There is a grab button for your blog, as well.
  • Red Envelope Day: This is a project that has been sweeping through cyberspace; you may well have heard of it. Empty red envelopes are sent to the White House on March 31st with a message stating it’s representation of one life lost to abortion (once on that site, click on “participate” to make a commitment). To order envelopes, go here.

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith;
be men of courage; be strong.
Do everything in love.

1 Corinthians 16:13-14 NIV

By standing firm you will gain life.
Luke 21:19 NIV

Father God, we come in agreement today – many believers, one voice – to stand for life. We ask forgiveness for our silence, and that You replace it with a boldness in love that points others to You as the ONLY CREATOR AND HOLDER OF LIFE. Lord, we lift up our President and pray that You break down his thoughts and ideas that go against Your Word and replace them with Your Truth. Open his ears to hear it through the voices of your people, the petitions of their hands, each envelope received that stands for life. May the roar that rises up from the believers of our nation be such that it cannot be ignored.
Believing You will change one heart for many, we pray in the MIGHTY, LIFE-GIVING NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. Amen

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