Today I was reading something that said we should “steep ourselves in Christ”. Immediately, I thought of making tea, steeping the teabag in the hot water and waiting for the water to change into tea. As I continued to think about it, I discovered it really is a great analogy.

What is a teabag, anyway? It’s a little sack full of dead leaves. When you pour the water over the teabag it brings the dead leaves to life, so to speak, turning the dead into something new and full of flavor. In and of ourselves, we are dead in sin. When we are “steeped” in the Living Water, the old and dead becomes new and vibrant; something altogether different.

Even after we’ve been changed, the analogy continues to be applicable. Without continually steeping ourselves in Christ, like a teabag out of water, our hearts can become hard and dry. Keeping it soaking in the Living Water keeps it soft and pliable. Plus, the combination of our hearts and that vital Water creates a warm, soothing offering to a parched world.

So, let’s steep ourselves in Christ…and may we never look at a cup of tea in the same way again!