It started in Scotland.

Kevin and I were there for about 10 days, to celebrate our 35th anniversary, and as I rounded every drive-in-the-left-lane corner, and gasped at the almost ethereal beauty, I felt it: The stirring that happens when eyes-meet-brain-meets-heart…the combustion that begins a volcano of words. Interestingly (and probably not coincidentally, because I don’t believe much in coincidence), right on the heels of this trip, I started to receive out-of-the-blue messages and texts from people I rarely, if ever, see, asking me why I wasn’t writing…asking me TO write again. Because, well, it’s been a while. A little over two years, in fact.

In those two years, Kevin and I started our own insurance agency. He’s been in the business for over 30 years, and I’ve worked alongside him in varying degrees, but I actually became licensed, myself, and entered the full-time work force for the first time since my 20’s. Trust that I’ve certainly worked full-time all those years, but I actually get paid real American dollars for this gig. And it’s fun. We work together well, and make a great team, building up our business through building up our agents. However, here’s what I know about me: When I’m all in on something that uses my administrative gifts, my creative gifts suffer. I don’t feel terribly inspired, nor are my typically “noticer” eyes trained to seeking out the divine in ordinary moments, so focused are they on numbers and deadlines.

But then we went to Scotland.

Travel does this for me, and not just international travel, but right here at home, as well. Whether it’s the Red Rocks of Sedona, the hills and ‘hollers’ of Tennessee, or a train through Glacier National Park, my eyes are forced out and UP. Literally plucked out of my normal environs, I’m forced to see through the Creator’s eyes, notice His people, and see His hand in it all.

So, what am I trying to say? Well, two things, really.

  1. My gal, Mary Snyder (best friend and travel partner extraordinaire) and I, have moved forward with something we’ve been kicking around for a couple of years: PODCASTING. Yep, on September 4th, we will launch Retro Road Podcast. Bound by a love of Americana, travel, and humor, we’ll explore cool and doable vintage wanderings for the modern adventurer. I’ll be posting a link every week where you can listen here from the blog, or you can subscribe on iTunes (link will go live on Tuesday) and/or follow us on Facebook. We’d be honored to have you join us!
  2. The whole eyes-meet-brain-meets-heart thing happened, leaving me with words. I’m going to start stringing some together, again, over here. Probably not everyday, like I used to (unless I’m drowning in them) but more often. I’d love to have you along.

So, let’s have some fun talking about travel. Let’s plan those trips together and see our country, marveling at the splendor that has always been there, and doing our part to help it stay. But, as we do, let’s let our goal be to remind each other to look out and UP, seeing majestic wonder, not only in America and beyond, but right in our own back yards.