I’ve been living a remarkably quiet life.

It seems that this last year, which presented more than a couple of big, life-altering events, has somehow left me speechless. Odd, for a person usually prone to self-expression through the written word.

I’ve settled into a new home, new town, and finally a new church, after months and months of searching. I’ve also unexpectedly become a grandmother, and started a ministry, but still have managed to withdraw into a silent place. That’s not altogether a bad thing, given that major life changes can often-times require some emotional adjustment. But sometimes we dwell in those silent places too long. Sometimes we find an odd sort of comfort there, hiding, instead of getting on with it.

Lately, I’ve felt the words start working their way to the surface. Instead of pouring them out, however, I’ve pushed them back down, denying them their say for fear that the letting go would leave me completely undone in the process. I’ve worked hard to keep myself together, after all. But what good am I, lips zipped up tight? Am I walking contentedly in stillness with my God, or have I simply cut myself off?

He’s shown me that I’m not going to move forward without letting go, stepping out…speaking up. Even if I become undone, there will be healing when my words land safely with the Author of life.

So, I’m finding my voice, heading into the new year with a sure step forward. I would be so honored if you’d join me.

Be looking for news of a new address and look for the blog in 2011…it seems fitting to start everything off fresh!