I am home and my heart and mind are spinning with the rich food on which they feasted this weekend in San Antonio.  And I don’t just mean Mexican food, although I did have me some fine salsa!

I’ve been trying to formulate how in the world I could tell you about it.  It’s definitely not a matter of having nothing to say, but rather where to begin!  My next few posts will be based on my working out what I’ve learned.  Between the various speakers at the Fully Loaded conference and Beth at Living Proof Live, there were several profound points that have resonated with me. They may or may not be related, so just stick with me and we’ll work through them together.  
For now, here are a few of my pics from the weekend. There are others that will be forthcoming, when I get them off my friend’s camera – my camera was having some issues!! :o(

The incomparable Beth Moore…at the Siesta Meet & Greet after LPL:
Beth, Amanda and Melissa…again, the meet & greet:
That incredibly sweet Fran, whom I so adore (go to her blog for a great assortment of pictures – her camera was working!!):

I will be back soon with the first of my thoughts, and, hopefully, some more pictures!