About two years ago, I read a book by Nicholas Sparks called Three Weeks with My Brother. It is his only non-fiction work, and it tells the story of a trip he took with his brother and the way it drew them closer together.  Ever since reading it, I’ve wanted to take a trip with my own two brothers, but was hesitant to suggest it; I’m their sister, after all, and, well, I thought they might consider it weird! However, I never could get it out of my mind.  So, finally, I asked them and they said “Sure, let’s do it!” 

I couldn’t have been more surprised or delighted!
So, I’m writing you from Santa Fe, New Mexico, in a little casita that houses my two brothers and me. I’ll be posting some pictures soon and sharing some thoughts, but I wanted to at least touch base since this last week has been all about the giveaway (for another chance go HERE) and its amazing blessings
I’m spending four days with my brothers.  It may not be a memoir in the making, but it’s sure to strengthen the ties that bind. 
Important ties. 
Heart ties.