We went to the Saturday night service at church this weekend, which left us with a free Sunday morning. We slept in and, if that weren’t decadent enough, we went out to breakfast. No planning, just a spur-of-the-moment decision to head out the door.

We settled in on the patio of a popular South Tampa place called Daily Eats. There were people there with kids, some singles with their dogs (it’s that kind of place) and, next to us, a young couple that looked to be expecting their first child VERY soon. We were close enough that we couldn’t help but hear their conversation. I smiled to myself as I listened to them talk about how they wouldn’t be able to do this sort of thing for too much longer, at least not without a stroller in tow. They spoke with that giddyness that comes when the day you’ve waited for, for the last nine months, is actually close at hand.

I looked across the table at my handsome husband, graying at the temples, but in my eyes the same man that I had that same conversation with some 21 years ago. However, now we will have nothing but these leisurely times together, just the two of us discussing dreams of a different kind. It is a cause for it’s own kind of giddyness…we have come full circle.