Well, after yesterday’s Facebook post, I’ve gotten some private messages. All were respectful, and most were surprisingly agreeable. But later I had a conversation with my cousin that had my mind spinning all night, and it continued all through my walk this morning to the point that I cut it short to come back and write this.

My cousin is a retired Army General. He has been in heavy combat and still deals with the loss of the soldiers under his command during those years. He hadn’t read my post (to my knowledge), but he was saying a lot of the same things. We are like two sides of the same coin most of the time and his anger was palpable.

“I am mad as hell that dead veterans get a single day, but [“pride”] gets a whole month. Mad as hell that sex flags now are more important than Old Glory.”

Old Glory. Those stars and stripes are, perhaps, the quintessential symbol of America and all she has stood for, for almost 250 years. It is a beacon of freedom and recognizable worldwide.

You are a smart bunch of people, so maybe you have already put this together, but it hit me like so many mind-blown emojis.

Satan has been at work for a very long time in America, specifically. I believe he got a foothold in the early 20th century, when Marxism was starting its insidious infiltration, and has been quietly going about his business to take us down, because if you can take down America, well, the world is your oyster.

He managed to gain quite a bit of ground during the Covid insanity, as we were a nation that dropped to its knees with breathtaking speed, falling in line to do whatever we were told to do, and proving just how controllable we were.

And since then?

Well, the toothpaste is out of the tube, folks.

Anything goes, and I mean ANYTHING. We are not meant to believe what we know to be true, but what is our OWN truth. It’s a subjective thing, which means there are no standards, no boundaries, and nothing to stop the slippery slope of insanity.

Just as he told Eve in the garden, he’s telling us now. We can be our own gods.

So, now, Satan doesn’t have to work in the shadows anymore. There’s a whole month of celebration dedicated to his deception. He’s managed to garner the glory for himself he’s always been after by killing two birds with one stone:

He’s flying a mockery of Old Glory, covered in the symbol of THE Glory.

And he’s managed to get that thing flying over government buildings nation AND worldwide. He’s got it in store windows, on cars, schools, and even churches. He has us fighting for it and pledging allegiance to it, as we once did to the very things it mocks.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until I die:

You and I were born into THIS TIME for a reason. This is not the time to be silent, even if it costs us everything, because, in the end, The Great Liar does not win. People need to know that and the longer Old Glory flies, the more opportunity we have to tell them.

Let’s lovingly fly the banner of TRUTH in the face of mockery.

Let’s show them the way to REAL freedom instead of a cheap counterfeit.

Let’s put the Glory back onto Whom it belongs.

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.”