I read a quote recently, that I have actually lived. “Even a good thing can weigh us down if it isn’t the best thing.” Oh, how true that is.

There are a lot of good things out there. Causes worthy of our time, church or civic projects needy of our talents, studies that will enrich our lives, and on and on. In fact, there are SO many options that it is often hard to discern what we need to do…or NOT do. If they’re all worthwhile, then shouldn’t we give ourselves over to every one? The answer, of course, is NO. However, NO is a lesson hard-learned.

Several years ago, I was a God-serving maniac. That almost sounds a little irreverent, but let me explain. I was all of the following at my church:

Director of Women’s Ministries
Worship Team Singer
Bible Study Teacher
Small Group Leader (with Kevin)

On top of the church stuff, I was the owner of my own interior design business, and, oh yeah, a wife and mother. I could probably stop right here, and you would understand why I identify with the quote! But wait – there’s more!

One day, when I was ready to run out the door for yet another meeting, and there was no food for dinner and no one had clean underwear (NO one!!), I began to feel convicted. And tired. And frustrated. I noticed that there was not harmony in my home, but a distinct discord. The Still Small Voice said “Stop”. My not-so-still voice said “How can I? It will all fall apart without me. I’m serving YOU, Lord. These are all things that glorify You.” Then He said the clincher, “When was the last time you actually spent time with Me?”. Ouch. What He wanted (and didn’t back down on until I relented), was for me to lay down all the “good things” for the “BEST thing”. He made it very clear over the next few weeks that I was to lay it ALL down. And I did. Every last thing. Even my business.

Amazingly, things did not fall apart without me. In fact, my priorities came back into balance. My husband began to feel cared for again, and the family was thrilled to have food and clean underwear on a regular basis, and a mother that was not only physically there, but mentally as well! When I became still, and began to let the Lord fill my tank up again, the benefits flowed down to my family. I was able to actually hear what God wanted me to do with my time and filter my options to make sure that they were the things that would enhance my walk and not weigh me down.

We’re are not all meant for ALL good things…but we ARE all meant for the BEST thing.