For all of you who are so faithful to stop by here, I’m offering a formal apology. I have been TER.RI.BLE. at posting of late. Lots of “life” going on over here, and very little time to write about it.

However, I’m heading out this weekend for a special treat. Namely, a meet-up of some of my not-so-nearest but ever-dearest online friends, all the way over in Memphis, Tennessee. The home place of Elvis Presley, you ask? Yes. But also the next convention of Living Proof Live and some good ol’ Bible teaching from one of my favorite teachers, Beth Moore.

So, check back in the next couple of days for some pics and commentary. You’ll no doubt recognize a few of your (should be) favorite blogging friends and my visit will be made complete by yours. Because you ALL are my favorites. Yes, ALL of you.

Heading off to pack…blue suede shoes may or may not be included.