I was just reading a post on Travis Cottrell’s blog, asking for our favorite hymns and/or the hymns we just don’t hear in church anymore.  Depending on where you attend, those may be one and the same!  I’m sure he’d love to get your input, so why don’t you head on over there when you’re done here?

I have a lot of favorites; two of them being Be Thou My Vision and On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand.  But probably my all-time favorite is How Great Thou Art.  While the old-time hymnal arrangement is mighty fine, there is another arrangement of this classic that moves me to my core.  You’ll find it at the end of this post.
This arrangement was done by an old friend of mine, Brent Tallent, for another old friend, Linda Bishop.  While Linda currently leads two bands in Dallas that specialize in corporate parties and events, it was her 1996 Christian album, Walk Through The Fields, that featured this, and other terrific old songs with fresh arrangements, along with some fine original tunes.  It remains a favorite of mine.
Listen and be reminded of just how GREAT our God really is!

How Great Thou Art – Linda Bishop