I sat down to write about something else this morning, but before I typed a word I was bowled over by a video in my Facebook feed, posted by a friend in Nashville (Thanks Pam!). It stopped me dead in my tracks. I want you to take a minute, click this link (or cut and paste this:  https://www.facebook.com/crosspoint.tv/videos/10153715642246796/) to watch it. I’ll wait right here until you’re done.


Amazing, isn’t it? Poignant? Fodder for soul-searching?

One week. Seven days. 168 hours.

What would you do?

When we’re confronted with limited time, it causes a paradigm shift, or at least it should. It should make all the minutiae immediately fall away like autumn leaves in a sudden bluster. It should bring every truly important and undone thing into crystalline focus. It should send us running to soak up every last finite second.

Here’s the deal, though: We view this whole thing as a “what if” scenario, and it’s not.

We ARE confronted with limited time, and it’s not just one week. We are only guaranteed TODAY.

Why do we live as if that’s not the case? Why are we arrogant enough to think we have more when The Word says we are but a vapor? Ladies and gentlemen, our lives are like a spritz of perfume, gone from view before we can even get a real glimpse, yet we live like it has the continuity and strength of Niagara Falls. Like there will always be more where that came from.

There won’t.

So, what will you do with your day? I know I’m not going to take up any more of it.




Be thankful for this moment. Live it like it’s all you have.


Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. ~ James 4:14 NIV