To Texas, that is…and my man! Glory and Hallelujah!

My best pup Riley and I hit the open road yesterday, to drive my car over and start living in Texas most of the time, instead of Florida. The house isn’t sold yet, nor have we moved our furniture, nor have we found a new home. But, we’ve done everything that needs doing on the Florida end, for now, and it’s time for both of us to be in one place!

Because I have a secret desire to be a travel writer/hotel critic, I thought I would flesh out some of that pent up energy with a quick ode to La Quinta. Yes, La Quinta. Typically, I am a complete hotel snob, turning my nose up at the roadside hotel chains that beckon weary travelers from every exit of every highway across the nation, in pursuit of five-star fare, deeper into the city. However, I normally don’t travel with my dog.

I knew that I needed to break up the 18-hour drive over two days, so I began researching dog-friendly options around the half-way mark of my journey. Many of the hotels that accepted dogs not only had a weight limit (which is no big deal for us – the little man is, well, LITTLE), but they also had a pet fee, ranging anywhere from $25-$75. There were only a handful of options at my half-way point, and out of these La Quinta had neither stipulation. Impressive. They also served breakfast, and, oh yeah, it was BRAND NEW (most are either completely new or newly remodeled)! The rooms looked lovely, they boasted pillow-top mattresses and high thread-count sheets, and if that weren’t enough, they offered FREE WI-FI in EVERY ROOM! May the Lord be praised! I took my chances and booked a room.

We arrived at our La Quinta, impressed by the lobby and the lovely breakfast area.

The front-desk clerk was very helpful, and immediately honored my request to be moved to a different room, as the original room was right next to the elevator. I claimed that it might keep the dog up all night, but I don’t tend to sleep really well with elevator chimes myself. Shocking, I know. I discovered that they have a special dog yard, complete with pooper scooper and plenty of space to take care of business.

Our room was as lovely as promised, with a well-appointed bathroom and the bed was FABULOUS! I’m actually going to ask if I can order the sheets…they were that good! I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in quite a while under the down comforter and cozied up in that pillow top.

So, if you’re traveling with your canine pal anytime this summer, whether he be a pint-sized poodle, or a massive Mastiff, check out the new and improved La Quinta. They are still reasonably priced (under $100), and will make your pet sleepover a delight. Heck, I might even stay here without the dog, all snobbiness aside.

Heading down for a little breakfast before day two on the road. Next time I check in, I’ll be a Texan in her homeland. Again…GLORY AND HALLELUJAH! Okay, I’ll also throw in a YEE-HAW for good measure.