I just walked in the door from Puerto Rico. We’ve been there for the last few days on our annual company trip, and when I walked in, I walked alone. I came home to Florida, while Hubs went home to Texas. It’s going to be that way for a while until we get through this transition.

As I wandered through the house, struck yet again by the fact that no one else lives here anymore (even the dog is on vacation!), I caught sight of something that made my face break into an ear-to-ear smile.My orchid. This was given to me just after we moved in as a housewarming gift. I had never had an orchid before, and was assured that I didn’t need to really do anything to it. Just running it through with water once a week and leaving it outside to the humidity was supposed to make it happy.

For four years, I’ve done just that. Nothing, really. In spite of me and my relative lack of participation (sometimes, downright neglect), right around Easter every year it blooms and lasts for several months. Here is what this lovely plant will look like in a couple of weeks:

I’ve had Easter on my mind this week. My only participation in Easter has been a contribution to the sin that nailed my Savior to a cross, and, though I didn’t deserve it, He arose on the third day in spite of me and my wicked ways. The Glory of God bloomed with the promise of all eternity, not only without my help, but because of my relative neglect.

Like my orchid, Christ fulfilled God’s purpose without any help from me. There was really nothing I could do to make it happen. It was in spite of me and FOR ME…FOR YOU…that He arose in all His glory, victorious over death.

That fact fills this empty house with joyful thanksgiving, and, orchids in sight, this lonely heart with hope and love.

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!