You know what one of my favorite things is about blogging and social media? The relationships formed there. You know what one of my other favorite things about it is? Jumping the screen into real life with those same relationships. There is really nothing quite like it.

Yesterday, I met sweet Kathleen for the first time in real life (more commonly known in the blog world as “Sassy Granny“). We knew quite a bit about each other through our blogs and have even taken it a step further into email. She has stormed the heavens on my family’s behalf time and again, and has shared truth with me, and her other readers, with equal measures of charm, wit and grace. I couldn’t wait to hug her neck for real!

The few hours that we spent together were precious and joyous for two main reasons:

  • They brought “flesh” to a virtual friendship that, once begun through a computer screen, begged for “IRL” (in real life) relationship.
  • They were filled with testimonies, stories and praise about and for a marvelous God.

Even though we shared a closeness virtually, it was taken to a new level once we met in person and praised our sweet Jesus together.

This morning, I woke up smiling and thinking of that time together. I’m pretty sure God was smiling, too. It was another confirmation to me that Mary and I are on the right track with gIRL™. If you haven’t heard what God is shaping gIRL™ to be, please read all about it and share your thoughts.

We were made for relationship: with each other and with God. Through this unprecedented time in our history and technology, we, through blogging and social media, have the opportunity to meet and know people that we never would have otherwise. However, I don’t think God means for us to leave it there behind the screen. Instead, I think He wants us to use the potential we have to make a far-reaching impact on those in our media circles with authentic, REAL, relationships, building them up on the foundation of Christ and infusing them with His love…not just virtually, but IN REAL LIFE. What happened yesterday with Kathleen and me is the perfect snapshot of that.

What would happen if we all had the opportunity to “jump the screen” into IRL relationships with our media friends? What if we spent some good time together, with God, in His Word, strengthening those friendships to go back into our online worlds and reach out even further?
I hope you’ll consider making the jump yourself and join us!

And thank you, Kathleen, for a splendid day…a foreshadowing of a glorious eternity to come. I love you my friend.