The Wednesday Girls have returned and I feel confident in saying that a good time was had by all! The combination of good girlfriends, Jesus and the beach brings the term “religious experience” to a new level – one that has us going about our business at home with a little sand on our shoes and a praise song or two in our hearts. 

I’m an early riser, so I was up and out on the balcony early each morning.  The balcony of my friend’s condo looks right over the beach and the vast blue sea beyond.  Each morning there was a lone fisherman at water’s edge, with a chair in which to sit after he cast his line and a bucket in which to store his catch. Yesterday morning, there were a lot of pelicans diving all around, but there was one rogue fellow that hovered behind the fisherman’s chair. He never went near the water until the fisherman was preoccupied with the casting of his line.  Then, when he felt it was safe, the pelican would fly and “dive” into the bucket and steal a fish.
Now, the fisherman was not bringing in really large fish.  In fact, they were paltry in comparison to what some of the other pelicans were catching out in the deeper waters.  Yet, this one pelican seemed content to steal these small fish instead of diving out in the deep to catch bigger ones of his own.
As I watched this display before me, I felt a conviction in my spirit. 
“I do this,” I thought to myself.  
God has bigger “fish” for me out in the deeper waters where He wants to take me, but I lurk at the shore, content to stay comfortable and rely on the work of others instead.  It apparently doesn’t matter to me that these fish are smaller; it’s safe on the shore and they at least keep me fed, if not nourished.  
What is keeping this pelican and I on the shore? One might assume that it’s fear. We’re afraid of what’s “out there”.  Maybe we’re not confident in our own fishing ability. We watch others doing the work and doing it well and think, “maybe we’re not as talented or well-equipped as they.” Or, maybe we’re just lazy. Perhaps we’ve grown accustomed to others feeding us and are just not willing to trade that in for having to work for our supper – even if the supper is more of a gourmet affair than what we’ve ever experienced.
I’m reminded of the story of Jesus, as He was calling His first disciples. In Luke, Chapter 5, we’re told that Jesus was speaking a Word to a crowd of people near a lake.  When they began crowding Him, He noticed two fishing boats at the water’s edge. He got into one of them, asking the fisherman, Simon (Peter), to push off so He could teach the people from the boat. When He was done, He told Peter to put His nets out into deep water. Simon (Peter) argued with Him that they’d been at it themselves all night, but not really catching anything.  Then he said, “But because You say so, I will let down the nets [in deep water].” They ended up catching so many fish that their nets began to break!
I need to move past doing things the way I’ve always done them, settling for the paltry because it’s easier or safer or more comfortable because it’s what I know.  I’m being called to the deep water. I can and MUST go there for a greater catch, simply because He says so.