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Happy 3rd Birthday, darling boy!

It’s a very stormy morning, as I write this, ushering in St. Patrick’s Day, the day you were born. It’s also in direct contrast to your mood, most of the time, although over the last couple of months you’ve begun to try your hand at the “terrible twos.” Frankly, you’re not that good at it, honey, so let’s just leave it all behind, shall we?

I say “we,” because we’ve spent a lot of time together this year, you and I. I’ve had the privilege of watching you three days a week, and you’ve come to love me just as much as your sister does. What I’ve done to deserve a love so deep I’ll never know, but I count it, and the two of you, as some of my greatest treasures.

You are one of the funniest kids I know, and one of the cuddliest. Did you know that’s one of my all-time favorite combinations? Well, it is. You’ve kept your innocent sense of humor during your most turbulent year – a year filled with change, change, and more change – and seem all the better for it. By far, you’ve been the easiest child EVER to transition away from a pacifier, a crib, and a diaper. You’ve learned to say you’re sorry, you thank people with sincere gratitude, and you tell everyone in your path “hello” with warm exuberance.

I look at that description, Brody, and realize that these are all really great qualities that will help propel you through life, because it’s nothing, my boy, if not fraught with change. A sense of humor, ease in transition, saying you’re sorry and thank you easily and with equal measure, and fostering a climate of inclusion, are all hallmarks of the kind of individual who can be used to further not just an earthly kingdom, but an eternal one, as well.

You’ve come to love the movie series, “Toy Story,” this year, and your birthday party is themed around it. Your mom and I have had the MOST fun putting it together. You sure do love Woody and Buzz, and the gang, but Buzz, most of all. It’s fitting, I think, because with your personality, Brody, there is nothing out of reach for you. Just like Buzz, you hang on to the total belief that you can do anything, go anywhere, to infinity – eternity – and beyond, because with God you can.

After all, that’s how far His love for you goes…and mine, too, dear boy. Mine, too.