My brother Roger has two young sons – Owen, age 7 and Luke, age 5. They are absolutely adorable and smart as whips. Roger owns a Sign-a-Rama franchise in Dallas, and has apparently instilled the value of being an entrepreneur in his boys.

We were all at dinner our first night in Texas. Owen let everyone know that he was now running his own sign business called “Superior Sign Makers”. He had even contracted his brother to do “installs”. Kevin negotiated a deal with Owen to make him a sign, and when they were finished making the deal, Kevin said he was really glad to have Owen working for him. Owen was quiet for a minute and said “Why did you say I was working for you?” Kevin said, “Well, because I hired you to do a job and you’re going to do some work for me.” Owen said, “But I’m not actually working for you. I don’t work for your company.” Then Luke chimes in, “Yeah, because Owen works for Owen!”