We made it a little further down Hwy. 1, to be greeted by this:

Lovely Carmel! Our final destination for the rest of the week! We are cosy in our beautiful, Asian-themed room at the Tradewinds Inn:

This picture doesn’t do the view justice – you can see the hills and the water perfectly!

Yesterday, Kevin told me that the theme for the day was “pictures”. For “Picture Day”, we were to both take our cameras and shoot as many pictures as possible, of any and everything.  We spent most of the day walking up and down Ocean Avenue, shooting pictures of everything from architectural details, to plants, to oceanscapes, to each other.  When we finished, we had 174 pictures between us and some really great shots that, as Kevin just said, will make great memories! I won’t post them all, or even several – I’ll just post my favorite:

Not long ago, I was reading a post on my blog friend, Patty’s, blog.  She was talking about the importance of taking time to just “play”.  You know, not only is that very true in general, but it’s true in marriage as well.  “Picture Day” gave us an opportunity to just play together. We laughed and acted silly and competed for the best photo opps.  Certainly the pictures themselves will be memories, but they will represent the broader memory of a very fun day. Why, oh why don’t we do thingslike this more often?

This morning, Kevin told me to wear certain clothes and bring others with me, as we were going to an undisclosed location for the day.  We pulled up to the gate for Pebble Beach Golf Club and I found out that while he was getting to mark one of the top courses that he’s wanted to play off his list, I would be treated to a spa day at The Spa at Pebble Beach!  

After he played on this beautiful course and I was pampered from head to toe, we met at The Lodge for a lovely meal.

I’m sitting here this night, thinking about the fact that, tomorrow, it will officially be 25 years. Like I mentioned before, this hits me at odd moments and causes me to take pause. I’m overcome with gratefulness.  The woman that blessed me today with a really great facial, asked me if I was visiting for a special occasion.  When I told her that it was our 25th anniversary, she said, “Oh, I hope you don’t take that for granted.  I was married 20 years when my husband left me.”  No, Marcie, I DON’T take it for granted. Not for a moment. If anything, the older I become, the more cognizant I am that what we have is becoming more and more rare. It is something to be treasured and cared for; to be viewed with not a blind-eye, but eyes-wide-open.
Think I’ll go and cuddle up for the night.  With my man.  My sweet, sweet man.
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