Isn’t she beautiful?

She’s my baby and she’s nineteen today.
After a week of looking back on twenty-five years of marriage, I’ve been in a nostalgic mood to say the least. Nothing like coming home to the realization that nineteen years have passed since God, her father and I worked together to usher this little bundle of pure energy into the world.
And the world hasn’t been the same since!
Her determination to hold out in the womb as long as she could, while still coming on her own terms the day before my scheduled induction, was a prophetic look at how she would live her life. She is bold and opinionated, fiercely loving and loyal to her friends with whom she’s unafraid to be honest, and a girl who loves a good plan. On much more than one occasion, she was the little girl who put her hands on her hips and asked, “When does E get to be in charge?” Yet, five minutes later she would climb up in my lap and say, “I’m glad you’re my mommy.”
She has a fabulous sense of personal style and, when she smiles, her whole face smiles – not just her mouth. She is warm and funny and doesn’t meet a stranger that doesn’t leave a friend.
It’s a good thing that she loves a plan, because I think God’s got a big one in store for her. I’m excited to watch it unfold as she begins to live life on her own.
Just remember my darling girl that, to live life fully, you should never really be the one in charge. Trust in the ONE who’s so much better at it.

In the meantime, know that I’ll always be right here. I’ll always be your mommy and I hope that will always make you glad. The tune below is my heart’s song to yours.

Happy, happy birthday!
Dixie Chicks – Lullaby
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