You probably expected to see a photo of fireworks or perhaps a flag, but turkeys?  Yes, turkeys. Perhaps you recall seeing another photo of turkeys in a post just prior to Easter of this year.  There is just something about the turkeys here in Central Florida; they apparently love a holiday!

I’ve loved seeing them out my window during these holidays, because the very first thing I think of when I see them is Thanksgiving.  Since both Easter and Independence Day celebrate extraordinary gifts of freedom, we should be raising the roof with shouts of thanks!  This day marks our FREEDOM in our country to celebrate the FREEDOM we have through the death and subsequent conquering of death remembered at Easter.  How amazing is that?  Have you given a shout out of thanks?
Even in these times of economic uncertainty and war, those of us claiming Christianity are celebrating freedoms that are inextricably combined.  Our support of and service to our country follow the guidelines laid out for us by a just and merciful God.  We have young men and women fighting as I write this, to protect our country from what threatens this freedom, what would keep me from being able to freely type these words.  I’m so grateful for that; it’s a cause worth protecting and fighting for.  Again, have you given a shout out of thanks?
Those ole turkeys may have thought they were just enjoying a stroll across the golf course, but they were my reminder from my Creator that this is much more than a great day for a barbecue.  This is a day for thanksgiving!

Oh Say Does that Star-Spangled Banner Yet Wave…
O’er the Land of the FREE
And the Home of the Brave.