578031_10151825230824741_754126535_nWe are blessed to have some really great views out here on our ranch. We sit up on a hill, so there are vistas to the west and to the north in which you can really get lost. We have a swing in which we like to sit on mild evenings and talk about the day, as we gaze out, making it a favorite place of mine to reconnect with both my husband, and with my surroundings and the One who created them.

Yesterday, I was walking back to the house from the mailbox and glanced to the west. It was a beautiful day, about 70 degrees and clear blue skies. I stopped to take it in, a view that went on and on, sharp and crisp, and that old song popped into my head.

On a clear day…you can see forever…

And you could.

Really, you can.

Don’t you love when God gives you moments of total clarity? Suddenly, everything comes into crystal clear focus, and you can see what has previously been obscured by clouds of busyness or the dense fog of life blocking your view as if it were a brick wall. It’s at those times when you feel the thrill of being able to move forward, like anything – anything – is possible.

I’m thankful that even in times when there is no view, God is sitting above the clouds and He can see the full picture. But I’m especially thankful for the clear glimpses into His plan that He graciously allows now and then…those are clear days, to be sure, giving a sweet view into our own forever.


“Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.” Psalm 25:4 NIV