Santa Fe is nothing if not a city of creative expression.

We walked Canyon Road yesterday, lined with gallery after gallery on both sides, and filled with color and light. Lynne noted, gazing upon a gallery lawn filled with larger-than-life bronzes, “Isn’t it interesting what art is to each of these people?”

Isn’t it?

Looking down the road at the varied shapes and riotous color, there really was something for everyone, each speaking a language of its own.

At each meal, we marveled at the thoughtful menus that would appeal to every individual palette, a creative mix of ingredients that performed symphonies in varied mouths, and the presentation of the same that served to make eyes dance. The serene spaces in each place consisted of quiet nooks near kiva fireplaces, meshing together to encourage a variety of quiet, thoughtful conversations.

Walking through the adobe-lined streets, leaves skittering at our feet, we enjoyed the simultaneous sensation of crisp air and sun as the extraordinary light played across perfect azure skies. It was as if life itself were a painting.

And it is, isn’t it?

We are a people made to create, made in the image of our Creator. Each thing we produce is our own artful expression, whether it’s created to hang in a gallery or grace the plate of a 3 year old…whether it changes the course of a business, or the course of someone’s life. We need each expression, whether or not we understand it, because someone out there will.

So keep at it. Make your life its own Santa Fe.

Each offering of your hands and heart speaks the very language someone needs to hear.


As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace… ~ 1 Peter 4:10 ESV