We are in full moving mode, on top of full birthday party mode. Yeah. Those two really don’t go together, but when you have grandparents coming in for their grandson’s 1st birthday, and you are planning your move, you capitalize on your good fortune and turn it into extra manpower. You kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Or two grandparents.

Ha! I jest. (Or maybe not. I’ll have to let you know tomorrow)

Last night, Emmie left with a car loaded up to take to the new house, and her friend, Tracy (who is also Lilli’s day care provider) loaded her car, as well. Lilli was SUPER wound up with the party decorations going up, anyway, so helping carry stuff to the car and actually seeing things go to her new place was extra exciting. She is really starting to put it together that she’s going to live at that other house.

After all the hoopla, it was my job to actually get her to go to sleep. We went through the usual routine of bath and teeth and stories and songs and prayers, with which I took my time, trying to calm her down. Then, as I was closing the door after the final kisses and hugs, she sat up and said…


Honey, no more talking or questions. You’ve got to a big day tomorrow and you’ve GOT to go to sleep!

{Sigh} Okay, Mimmie. But really? I’m not tired. It just doesn’t make sense.

This is where I almost told her that I would go to sleep then, and she could finish the decorating. But I thought better of it.

I kept giggling to myself about it as I hung tissue paper pom poms and Dr. Seuss hats. We really do this very thing with God. Our lives are going a direction we don’t really understand, or want, but it seems to be His will that it’s happening. And frankly, it doesn’t make sense. It just doesn’t.

We want everything spelled out in black and white, handwriting on the wall, skywriting on a bold field of blue. We want answers and we want them now, and when the answers aren’t in line with what we think makes sense, we become a little cranky. Indignant. Demanding.

Because we think we know best.

But God really does know what tomorrow brings, and we don’t. He knows what we require today to be able to get through it, whether it makes sense to us, or not. Every bit – more – than I know what Lilli needs.

She stayed awake for another two hours. Here’s hoping that I’m a little more obedient the next time my Father tells me to go to sleep when it just doesn’t make sense. Although, after today, I doubt I’d put up much of a fight!


“Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you?” Luke 6:46 ESV

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5 ESV