Today marks our 33rd Valentine’s day together, as the sun is just rising up over the tree line. It has that beautiful pink hue set against the blue horizon that’s my morning favorite, casting what appears to be all the world in a rosy glow. Looking at it, I smile, because that’s how my heart feels.


Swelling with the promise of a new day, the proverbial first day of the rest of our lives.

And, speaking of our lives, I’m loving this particular time in it. We are deliciously in sync, hearts and minds moving in tandem, as we walk the road paved just for us. It seems every day is pregnant with possibility, and the birth of a future shining bright.

We don’t know the future, of course, but, since we’ve been truly living in the moments of each day, strengthening the foundation of us, whatever it really brings doesn’t matter. We’re ready. We’re together – truly together – in every sense of the word, and I’m grateful.

My heart just swelled again, rosy, casting our little world in the same glow.


Because you just walked in, tussled hair, sleepy eyes, robe and slippers…my morning favorite.

My forever Valentine.

Yes, always and forever.