This has been an AMAZING week.  

One week ago, I sat at this computer and typed out a post outlining a giveaway that the Lord had placed on my heart.  I committed it to Him, asking that He multiply my small offering of five Surrendering the Secret DVD kits/books to “feed” thousands upon thousands, just as He did the 5 loaves in Mark 6:41-44. So, this is what He did:
  • Sent thousands of people to this blog to discover (many, for the first time) the far-reaching the effects of abortion and the fact that it has touched the lives of 1 in 3 women.
  • Encouraged 130 commenters to boldly step out to try to win a kit for their community.
  • Placed on the heart of almost 50 of those people to link to the giveaway on their own blogs, thus spreading the word about this study even further. 
  • Stirred the hearts in an untold number of women to share their own secrets, for the good and freedom of themselves and others.
  • Lit a fire in many to begin a study group, or hold an event at their church.
Tomorrow morning, I will post the 5 winners (if you haven’t entered, today’s the last day! Go HERE).  Those 5 winners will, in turn, bless other women in their own homes or donate their kits to their churches, or local crisis pregnancy or counseling centers.  In any of those scenarios, God will keep His promise and the kits will continue to bring hope, healing and freedom to those in bondage to the shame and guilt of their secret past. Our faithful God will feed thousands upon thousands.
And, if that wasn’t enough, I will make another announcement that you won’t want to miss.
Astounding.  Simply astounding.
That’s our God.