Many of you are already blessed readers of Elaine Olsen’s blog, Peace for the Journey. Through her blog, and this one, along with a lot of email and prayer lifted on each others’ behalf, we’ve become dear friends.

Elaine has an amazing gift with words. The way she handles scripture, viewing it from all sides through the lens of her own experience is often nothing short of breathtaking. So, it was with great joy that I learned today of her first book release and the realization of her life-long dream! This beautiful book trailer will give you a glimpse into what awaits in its pages.

Please do yourself, and someone you love, a favor and get a copy (or visit this post to enter a giveaway) Unpack a deeper understanding of Christ and find true “Peace for the Journey.”

Elaine, may Peace who is Christ reign supreme in every facet of your sweet life. I love you sister (and one day, I’m gonna tell you that to your face!)