I’m always moved beyond words when God decides to let me get a glimpse at heaven. He does it all the time, if I’ll just stop long enough to look. But sometimes He puts it together in such a grand fashion that I’m bowled over by it, and that happened this weekend!

I had the opportunity to spend a weekend worshiping with some of my favorite people in the world: my Siestas. Or “Southern Siestas”, I should say, as those that gathered were all from Georgia and her neighboring states. We came to be a part of Travis Cottrell’s live recording of his newest CD/DVD at First Baptist Church Woodstock, and it was GLORIOUS.

My sweet blog friend Mary, is now my sweet REAL friend, Mary. She stepped out and invited me to go, putting all fear of being thought a cyber-stalker aside. We had Kim join us as a roomie the first night and then Nesha, the second. It was an amazingly fun time of side-splitting laughter and thoughtful conversation.

Roomies – Mary and Kim

Roomie – Nesha

We all had lunch together after two (TWO) back-to-back worship services at FBCW, with their 300-voice choir and the incredible Pastor Johnny Hunt. That was some PREACHIN’ friends! As we were sitting there relishing each other’s company, in walks a surprise guest:

Yes indeedy, that’s the incomparable Beth Moore!

We chatted with her for a bit, when one of the girls told her that during a conversation with a friend, the friend thought she said that we were all “cloggers” instead of “bloggers”!

I wish I could’ve captured Beth as she spontaneously broke out in her own version of clogging!

After lunch, we all went back to the worship center to participate in the live recording. Travis and his team BROUGHT. IT. They showcased God in His glory that night and I was beyond privileged to be a part of it.

There is a reason that God made us for community and relationship. Certainly, we can worship Him alone; indeed, there is a time and place for that. However, it’s in our times of worship and fellowship together that we are stronger and we live out those scriptures that talk about our being the “body of Christ”, “one body, many parts”, a “three-fold cord”. We experience God in a way that only happens “where two or more are gathered in His name”. Truly, if He shows up in a big way where two are gathered, how much more was He there in the midst of our crew?

I love you, my Southern Siestas. Your faces and hearts are as precious gems to me.