I’ve been walking by it all month. Right off the garage, I’ve been forced to see it there, screaming a litany of what needs to be done. My desk (or catch-all, which is by far the more accurate term) has had neatish stacks of papers, statements, and stuff for Hope for the Trail sitting there, mocking me, as the holidays made merry around it.

But it hasn’t made me feel merry. Not in the least.

A dread, heavy like a wet wool blanket, had weighed on me every day, so when I awoke yesterday still on a high from the removal of Christmas, I determined that it was the day to take siege.  Armed with a tall glass of cold water and lime, I began my plan of attack.

Basically, I picked up the first stack to the left.

(Color me a military strategist.)

I started filling a trash can as I went through each item, finding stuff that should’ve been trashed the first moment it touched my hands. But then, stuck between two pieces of junk mail, was a refund check that had been sent at the beginning of December.

You know, when I was Christmas shopping and money was flying out of my bank account.

Like, when I really could’ve used it.

Isn’t it funny how, when we put things off, not handling things as they come so we don’t have to deal, we miss out on blessing, too?

What treasure is buried in the piles of your life? Maybe it’s time to grab a cold drink of water, pull up a trash can, and find out.

No, really. I mean TODAY.


Lazy people want much but get little, while the diligent are prospering. ~ Proverbs 13:4 TLB