I have purging on the brain. I can think of nothing else, really, and feel almost like an expectant mother in the throes of nesting, such is my urgency. Every cabinet, every drawer, seemingly threatens to spill its contents at my feet upon every opening. I feel closed in by the “stuffness” of my house.

Yesterday, I plowed into Christmas with a vengeance, putting it away with the same enthusiasm as when I put it out, and I feel better for the effort. The house seems on its way to being reclaimed. I told Kevin, as I looked around with the first inklings of satisfaction, that this year’s need to clean out was greater than any year before…that is until I read my TimeHop.

This time last year: The Great Purge of 2015

The year before: Less is More

Humbled, I realized that this is how I am every year. I think Christmas, for all its wonder and love, its peace and good will toward men, somehow also ushers in a season of gluttony, at least for me. There’s (lots) more (rich and over the top) food, more stuff, more glitter and fancy, more money spent, more, more, MORE. by the end of it all, I feel like my life might explode for all the extra if I don’t pare it down first.

I really, truly believe that we were meant to live simply. That we are supposed to move out the stuff that is just taking up space, so it can be filled with things more meaningful. That’s not just for our drawers and cabinets, either. It goes for our calendars, our relationships, and our hearts, too.

What needs to be cleaned out in your world?

Let’s purge together.


Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. ~ Psalm 51:10 KJV