All Aboard!

On this episode we have a blast talking about train travel. We discuss why we decided to travel across country (well, most of the country) by train and how we made it happen. There might also be talk of the two greatest TV shows of all time, and an episode of I Love Lucy, because Lucy and Ethel…Mary and Melinda. Obviously. So, basically, all the important stuff. Enjoy the show!

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Today’s mentions:

David Baldacci’s wonderful book The Christmas Train
Amtrak’s Southwest Chief (featured in the book) travels from Chicago to Los Angeles
Amtrak’s Empire Builder (our train of choice) travels from Chicago to Seattle
Amtrak’s Coast Starlight (our second leg without the vintage parlor car…sigh)
Read more about the Pacific Parlor Cars – hosted by the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation
And if you’re looking for that Cary Grant movie — it’s North by Northwest. It’s a great movie!!

Happy Wanderings.