I love animals. There’s something about their complete dependence on and devotion to us that just does me in. I mean, I can’t even watch one of those Sarah McLachlan commercials. I have to turn the channel, as that level of horror against something so innocent and vulnerable is unconscionable to me. And the ones who are just left to die? Honestly, only 63 cents a day to support them?? Where do I send my check, Sarah?

I’m glad there are some protections for them. Did you know that 46 out of 50 states have enacted laws against extreme forms of animal cruelty that carry a felony penalty? Rights for these sweet animals has come enough to the forefront that, now, even minor forms of cruelty are at least punishable by misdemeanor. There’ve been huge strides made against animal testing, and, for crying out loud, what about those kill shelters? The number of those horrible places has decreased, as well, with raised awareness. Why in the world would we kill those innocent animals, when there are people who want them, and will take them in? With a little patience, we can find them a forever-home. After all, we, as a people, should take care of those living beings who can’t take care of, or speak up for, themselves, right?

So, why aren’t we doing the same for babies, do you think? Human babies, that is. It seems like we have no problem determining when the life of a baby animal begins, but the life of a human? BIG PROBLEM. There was a time that it started at conception. Then, when a heartbeat could be detected. Then, when it had parts that identified it as human. A few weeks ago, it was determined not to be a live human until it was on the outside of the womb, breathing oxygen, and now, even that doesn’t count. If it is a victim of a botched abortion, and born alive, it can now legally be left to die. Baby parts from abortions have been sold for use in medical research, and our human version of “kill shelters” send millions of mothers back into their lives with one less pregnancy and, in many cases, not a relieved heart, but a broken one. Not to mention the other millions of longing parents with empty arms, forever-homes at the ready.

Slippery slope, my friends. Slippery slope.

If the definition of life keeps moving, how long will it be before the we start changing the definition of end of life? Right now, it’s when the heart stops beating or when brain death is declared, but what if Grandpa’s care starts to become too much of a burden? Euthanasia legislation coming soon to a bill near you! (I’d like to say “just kidding,” but it’s already legal in five states and Washington DC.)

I can’t help but think that if we were having this discussion about the late-term abortion of puppies, delivering them part by tiny, furry part, and then selling them for research, or leaving abortion-gone-wrong kittens to die, there would be Horror! Outrage! Those savage veterinarians would be run up on felony charges and Sarah McLachlan would be the front-runner for the 2020 Democratic ticket. But that seems ridiculous to even contemplate, now, because we’ve protected their rights…unlike the unborn human, who apparently has no rights at all. Not even the female ones, who, born with all the eggs they’ll ever have, don’t get to claim their own reproductive justice (whatever that is).

Seems like their support might be worth 63 cents a day.

Maybe considerably more.

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