I’m writing today from Phoenix, where we have been celebrating the retirement of a dear friend. It’s hot, but beautiful, here and I’ve really been enjoying the view from our room.

What is it about a beautiful view? People clamor for the best view, no matter where they are. They’re willing to pay more (sometimes a LOT more) for a good view, whether it be for the lot where they will build their home, tickets for a concert or a game, or, as in my case, a hotel room. They want to view, unobstructed, the sight that lays before them.

We, as humans, like things to be perfectly clear. We don’t want to miss anything. We see an open vista before us and we’re filled with the notion that anything is possible; it’s like a glimpse into a future of untarnished dreams. To me, this is why the view is so coveted; we’re willing to pay for it because it is not what real life is like. In reality, our futures are perfectly unclear and our views are completely obstructed. We work really hard at planning our future to look like those fabulous views, but we really can’t see a thing.

For the unbeliever, this has to be a huge source of fear, uncertainty and frustration. However, for the believer, the future has been set by One who is trustworthy to navigate us through the obstructions to the place where everything will be perfectly clear. Each day is a stepping stone to the glorious vista that awaits. The view is hope-filled and spectacular and does not have to be worked for to attain, because while it was expensive, the price has already been paid.