I watched an episode of a TV show yesterday, where a pregnant woman and a doctor were trapped in a badly damaged car, after an accident in the mountains.

The pregnant woman was due, and after the trauma of the accident, the baby started to come, but she had other bad injuries, as well. Because they couldn’t get out of the car, the doctor field-dressed each injury as best she could, then tried to figure out how to deliver the baby in the front seat of the car. The baby started to deliver breach, adding to their problems, and now the baby’s life was in danger, even more than it previously was.

After some heroic moves on the part of the doctor, the baby was successfully delivered, just as the EMT helicopters started to circle above. It seemed everything would be okay, until they started to cut open the car. Once the door was removed from where the woman was pressed up against it, they discovered that the sharp tool had cut straight through to her and cut her artery. With massive blood loss, the doctor could do nothing but hold the woman as she died, leaving her baby behind.

Sad story. Tragic.

I have a friend who is very wounded from past events over which she had no control. She’s working with a therapist, and trying her own brand of doctoring, too, in an effort to heal. And that’s great. I’m proud of her. But the thing is, she isn’t saved. Certainly, we’re working on it, but she doesn’t yet understand that she needs to be rescued from the trap of her sin first, before addressing all those wounds, because she’ll never find the complete healing she’s after, otherwise. At the end of it all, she’ll be alone with her wounds wrapped, bleeding out in the desert of this life.

Sad story. TRAGIC.

God would never treat your wounds in the car, then leave you trapped in it. If you’re hurting from some old wounds and crying out for healing, try crying out to God for salvation, FIRST. He wants to rescue you from the worst threat NOW, then set about the process of true and thorough healing and restoration.

Because He’s all about beautiful stories.



He led me to a place of safety;he rescued me because he delights in me.” Psalm 18:19 NLT

So what are you waiting for? Get up and get yourself baptized, scrubbed clean of those sins and personally acquainted with God.” Acts 22:16 MSG