Whew…I’m back and it’s August! I told you that July would find me “nothing but a blur”! Thanks for continuing to stop by for some re-runs; my little slice of cyberspace is always a better place for your visits.

This last week found me at a conference that I had heard about last year, but only a week before it had taken place. She Speaks, put on by Proverbs 31 Ministries, is a conference that provides a place for speakers, writers, women’s ministry leaders and bloggers to come together and connect, learn, be encouraged in their ministry journeys and praise God together. With everything going on this summer, I had decided not to go, figuring it would just be too much. However, when my sweet friend, Pat Layton, called and said that her daughter-in-law couldn’t go, leaving her with an extra spot, I saw that as the Lord’s provision! Oh, what sweet provision it was!

In an extra-special, “only God” kind of way, I found myself flying into Florida to meet up with Pat, and we drove from there to Charlotte, NC, for the conference, giving us lots of extra hours of girl-time and God-time that was sorely needed. We met up with our friend, Paige, and spent some time at the Billy Graham Library. It was just extraordinary, and if you ever find yourself in Charlotte, it’s worth the time to stop (and it’s free!). I didn’t think I could be any more inspired, but then I hadn’t gotten to the conference yet!

Remember that I hadn’t actually signed up for this conference myself; all the classes had been selected for someone else, by someone else! Yet, they were all a perfect fit for me! Again, SO GOD! I had some speaking classes, some writing classes, and some blogging classes, taught by the likes of Lysa TerKeurst (excellent!), Mary DeMuth (fabulous!), Emily, Dawn, the Nester, Sophie & Melanie (always a riot and oh-so-helpful!), and Phil Rothschild (Jennifer’s husband and manager – just great!). Then, to top it all off, Jennifer Rothschild gave what will now be one of my all-time favorite talks on Saturday night; truly, I’m still in awe of God-through-her!

If you were to Google “She Speaks” this day, I suspect that you would find a plethora of blog posts that eloquently recount the weekend’s events. You would find everything from the humorous, to the thoughtful, to the profound. What I have to offer is this:

When “she speaks” from a heart full of God, “He speaks.”

He was speaking all weekend long, my friends, and, as each of those 600 women step out in their “voice,” His words will blanket the world.