If you’re an everyday blogger, you might have run across something about a Siesta Fiesta, or this emblem blazing its way across the blogosphere:

Well, it is the logo of the highly anticipated gathering of Beth Moore’s “siestas” (which comes from the attempted typing of the word “sista” [for sister] changed by spellcheck to “siesta”). The interesting thing that’s happened over the last year, is that while we’ve all been getting ready to go to this event, we’ve started to read each other’s blogs more fervently and frequently.  We’ve begun to really get to know each other, and in a way that is only possible in the Body of Christ, we’ve come to really love each other – though most of us have never met face to face.  I know I speak for all of us when I say that we are looking forward to this weekend with the anticipation of a “foretaste of Glory divine”!
One these blog-friends, Angie, had a great idea: She posted a shout-out to all those who read her blog (lurkers and non-lurkers alike!!) to comment and let her know if they were going to San Antonio so she could look for them.  I LOVE that idea!  Would you do the same for me?
Oh, to see all your sweet faces in person! 
And to those who won’t be there – we’re going to have to dream up some other kind of gathering so I can hug your necks, too!!
I’ll have my laptop and my camera, so if times permits, I’ll put up some pics and words about the weekend as it happens.  Please lift up a prayer for safe travel for all these women, for the Living Proof team, the Lifeway team, and the entire endeavor – that God would do a BIG work and plant a DEEP Word in each of our hearts.
See you THERE, Siestas…see you THERE!!!