Once upon a time there was a young woman, in her 20’s, who was going to have a baby. She planned and dreamed as her belly grew, imagining what kind of little person was being knit together deep inside. She imagined a little girl much like the little girl she, herself, had been…eager to please, compliant, always choosing safety over risk.

One special day in August, nine full days past her due date, she was busy at home, getting ready for the hospital stay that would begin with an induction the following day. Instead, that night she delivered an 8lb. 4oz., wrapped-in-pink bundle, who called her own shots and came exactly when she wanted to. That young mother should’ve paid attention to that fact, as it would become her baby girl’s signature move.

As time went on, it became apparent that this little girl had her mother’s brown eyes and easy smile, but was not at all what her mother had expected. Where she had thought she’d be eager to please, she was, instead, unconcerned about what others thought; she knew her own mind. Where she’d expected compliance, her little gal was quite the challenger. Where she’d expected a safety-loving rule-follower, she was met with a risk-embracer. Befuddled, the mama struggled to figure out how to raise her little wonder.

However, even as they butted heads on just about everything as the years went on, they were also extremely close. The groundedness of the mother’s personality served to provide a touchstone for her daughter, prone to fly. Her daughter’s spirit caused the mother to step out of her comfort zone and do a little flying herself. It turned out that the combination of the two caused them both to grow.

This special day in August has the very proud, very blessed mother looking back at the birth of her lively little girl, now 22, thankful for the work God’s done in them both. And thankful, too, that He will continue His work as she raises a little girl of her own.